How to Interior Design Living Room that is Small

2444801_Kiawa25513 If your living room is giving you a tight squeeze, then it is time to make it your favourite hangout place. To Interior Design Living room with a small space is quite a tricky affair. Rethink about what flexibility can be done to make it comfortable and look big.

Install two stylish coffee tables in the place of a big one so that they can be used anywhere and at the same time allow for a better movement. Choose furniture with hidden storage so that you can save some space.

Want to make your living room look big? Hang the curtains high and wall mount the television. Going bold sometimes works wonders. So, don’t restrain yourself and try big, bright and bold designs that make the space look big.

Bright lightings are important in making a space look big. Also, install lightings in walls and as hangings to save as much space as possible. By placing artwork in intelligent places, you can create an illusion of having a big space.